People Problems

   The biggest concern with an upheaval is the people. People who seek to have more than others, and try to diminish peers, and seek ways to be "better" than them. The same that would damn a village to dig for oil profits. The kind that destroys massive ecosystems, because it's cheaper than the other methods. The ones who seek their own satisfaction by dooming others.
   In my opinion, there are two kinds of brains. There are the ones which lead trust, support, and benevolence to their serotonin release in their heads. The others get their boost from self-centered ways, objects, things, and can disregard its harm on others in order for their fix.
   These people don't realize, however, that simply satisfying cravings isn't everything. Most people know this in smaller ways, such as eating, or sleeping, or even sitting around. This afflicts many of the rich, who end up depressed after satisfying every craving they can only to be left with an unfilled soul.
   Being a good person fills the void in your mind, knowing you've done the right thing instead of the way most rewarding to you. In a way, you're being helpful for your own greed, because it ends up fueling your chemical dependencies the same way greed could. The difference is the same as ice cream and salad. One way, you end up with all your calories built, but you've neglected the vitamins and proteins required to keep a healthy body.
   This leads me to my belief of the necessity of psychedelics. They are vitamins for the mind, necessary to keep a fresh head with true virtues to live by. Psilocybin has been used throughout the history of mankind, and basically acts as a filter to show yourself what kind of person you truly are. When you can react well to them, it shows a mental stability.
   But enough for my love of inner exploration. The real issue is how to get more of the darkened brains the light that true people can see. When you have it, you know, and people know you know. Light can embrace its kind, and it will be necessary for us to shine together to drive the darkness out of the shadows' soul.



   I've been writing about more of a system of living, rather than a power over people. This is because I am not looking to make a country, because the entire idea of believing yourself be different than fellow man because of borders is ridiculous. When the world adopts this, the belief that mankind is one without distinction will BE the governing force, with people making rules to apply within their own selves. We can have people worldwide collaborating ideas constantly, without any rivalries. We already have similar situations in various scientific communities, but we can apply this to all aspects of the social system without patriotism blinding ourselves.



   The main reason that people will be slow to adopt a new government is that they've been trained to believe theirs is the best. Their entire lives have revolved around money, greed, and consumerism. Nowadays, people are subjected to advertisements out of the womb, and it trains the mind to have one primary motivator: Greed.
   This is what has to change. What gives one person the right to more than anyone else? People have been developed into chasing their skeleton key. Money is the embodiment of greed, and while it exists, people will always be too distracted to achieve their full potential.



   The first thing to happen in the evolution is abandoning large urban centers. They are a blight and a resource vacuum that is completely unnecessary. We won't need money, which was the entire point of the collection of people.
   We'll be in groups of a few hundred to a few thousand people, located near a water source to fit our size. We'll know exactly how much we need for our lives, and be able to grow it in fields/greenhouses. People will be taken care of by each other, if they contribute to their town. They are encouraged to find something they're passionate about that helps, which can be anything from woodworking, farming, tailoring, even nightclub owners. There will be a democratically elected town council to decide if these people's jobs fit into their community, but they DO NOT get any benefits from this position. That is how corruption starts.
   The main focus of people will be sustenance. All energy will be renewable, because of the less strenuous demands. All food will be planned, because of the relatively stable population. Any recipes and ideas will become public domain on the internet, free for anyone to use. For instance, a piece of clothing could be shown on the web, and you decide you want it. You save a picture of it, take it to your tailor, and ask him/her to make it for you. The only payment will be self-satisfaction, knowing that your idea is accepted and renowned by people you'll never meet.
   Schools will be improved. Teachers will be passionate people who like kids. The children won't get lumped together, as if there's only one or two kinds of thinking, and we will break the current ideology that ignorance is "cool". Individuals will have their progress tracked. We'll stick to the core subjects of Math, Language Arts, Science (focusing on the benefits of renewable energy and the strength of cooperation), and History (we don't wanna fuck up like this again). We won't need them to be a daycare, like how today's "education system" has become. Students who show exceptional comprehension can be given a supplementary education in areas of their passion.
   There's going to be some dirty jobs, which will either be taken care of in a rotational cycle of residents, or given to local miscreants as a lower punishment. Besides that, the only laws in effect are the basics; rape, murder, burglary, ect. Because of the relative simplicity, the punishment is 5 years of imprisonment with rehabilitation for the first offense, 10 for the second, and the death penalty for the third.
   Some cities will be slightly larger, and used as a center for some sort of major thing. It could be anything from a scientific college to an octagon for MMA.
   There will be motels in each city, providing a few days of comfort to travelers and people in transitional periods. However, they will either need to move on soon or figure out their job in a community they like. I foresee people attempting to abuse this system, but seeing as most people prefer a stable home to live in, it is doubtful the majority will choose to never drop anchor.
   I wish for any feedback to help improve these ideas. I've had more, but currently cannot think of them.



   Instead of getting food for yourself for days ahead, we stop by the grocer for what you decided on making that day. When you don't feel like cooking, you can also stop by a restaurant which is fueled from the grocery's unclaimed. You can cook for yourself, cook for others, and food can be planned in advance in respect to the restaurant's needs for various styles of food.
   Public transportation and fuel-less machinery will be the staple of transit. Personal motorized vehicles will be limited to trans-city travel, with hubs for picking up and dropping off electric cars in each community.
   If anyone can think of ideas to improve efficiency, please leave a comment.


Thinking Fires

    I realized two things today. The first is my necessity for a blog, while the other was about what happens when you lie to children.
   There are some childhood lies that are staple to growing up. Milestones, sometimes, like realizing that the tooth fairy was really your parents, or the only thing at the North Pole is ice and polar bears. It's natural, almost vital to realize how easy it is to be duped, and afterwards your bullshit meter builds up a tolerance. So on, when the lie turns into something widespread, with severe consequences, for something that has no purpose being lied about, your bullshit meter takes another hit.
   One common thought after such a thing is, "I wonder what else I'm being lied about?" naturally putting curiosity to work. You dig deeper, and deeper, either finding evidence or burning out eventually.
   Now, this is easily demonstrated in the real world. For an example, think about how some of the biggest conspiracy theorists happen to partake in a variety of illegal drugs. They've realized how many benefits can come from natural sources, instead of being created in some underground laboratory. This, of course, sends off a tangent delving into the government who imposed the ridiculousness. The scary thing is how these tangents never stop finding new things.
   As for more kindling, we should think about the necessity of our current system. Why does democracy needs representation in an era where millions of people can interact, simultaneously, from nearly any corner of this spheroid? With technology came evolution, and with the exponential rise in it's aptitude the evolutionary part has lagged behind. It's our job to catch society up.